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'with our words, we wonder...'

Welcome to our latest incarnation...

 Imagine, if you will, a spiral staircase that climbs ever upward through countless shelves of books. The staircase climbs so high that its top is higher than your eyesight can follow. Craning your neck, you begin to ascend the stairs...

   With each ascending step you see a new shelf stuffed with a selection of books, some large and some small; some hardbacks and some paperbacks. As you ascend it soon becomes crystal clear to you that every book on every shelf represents a physical life that your soul has experienced...

   As you climb through to the higher levels you start to see stars through the blinding light above the staircase and the sudden expanse of it all makes you inhale sharply. With severe clarity, the cosmic truth dawns. Your memory returns in full. Your akashic memory; your Soul memory.

   Every heartbeat etches a new sentence into your story of this life. Every breath brings you closer to the ultimate knowing of All collected by your Soul over Millenia.

     'with our words, we wonder...'

Please peruse our site at your leisure to learn all about our craft and our condition. We send you all love and peace, eternally.


          not a fairytale...

It is the mid sixteenth century and the kin of folklore are about to embark on their own voyage of legend. This dark and twisty tale is coming soon...

Very soon...

The Midnight Runners

King's Cross, Sydney 2001

A suave convict, an innocent girl and

an intricate plan executed with

brutal precision...

Everyone, has an Origin...

The prequel to J.A.D.E.

Coming in 2024

The Dead Rest


Angst Anthology #3

Things that refused to be left unsaid.

Last prose | Anything goes | Death throes

The final anthology in this series

Coming late 2024

Let’s make something amazing together...


Queensland, AUSTRALIA



MRDS Books

'with our words, we wonder…'